Music Ally

Since launching in London in 2002, Music Ally has delivered a broad knowledge of the digital music business and the latest information on the ever-changing music industry worldwide.

Music Ally offers a wide range of services globally, from music companies such as the world’s three major labels, independent labels, management companies and music publishers to major technology companies such as Amazon, Spotify, Google and Facebook. 

Music Ally has finally landed in China

In June 2019, Music Ally finally landed in China as “Music Ally China.” Music Ally China has partnered with Kanjian Music to deliver regular news that contains key topics and updates on music and digital trends around the world.

We are aiming to further expand our services so that we can provide useful information to the people in the music industry in China, so please look forward to it!

Kanjian Music

Kanjian Music started in 2012 aiming to enable more artists to create music and more fans to discover it, leveraging technology to bring them together to the largest consumer market in the world – Asia.

Kanjian Music works with a wide range of copyright holders to help them enter the market and develop a sustainable business model, providing comprehensive rights management tools and reports as well as dedicated business and promotional strategies.

Kanjian Music also connects with China’s tech, film/TV, fashion and social media business worlds, creating new revenue streams and marketing opportunities. Partners include Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, China Mobile, Tencent Pictures, WasuTV, Toutiao, VUE and Douyin/TikTok.

Kanjian Music partners directly with artists, labels, and managers alike and has already helped more than 7,000 labels and 200,000 artists to reach more than 1 billion online listeners worldwide, including China.